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Updated Security Measures for Air Carriers

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) last week issued updated security measures to carriers, for cargo originating in and/or transiting three (3) specific countries in the Middle East. This action was in response to the recent downing of a passenger aircraft in the Sinai. The new TSA measures, issued to passenger as well as all-cargo carriers, are classified as Sensitive Security Information (SSI), so their specific contents may not be disclosed publicly, other than to the regulated parties. However, it is likely that they will create delays. The measures have an impact on shipments bound for the US, and in some cases also to other destinations. Forwarders who regularly have shipments originating or transiting these areas contact their carriers for further information. (From our colleagues at TIACA)

Furthermore, several carriers in Canada have issued notices to their customers advising of updated security measures for Canada as well. The measures are security sensitive and not publically available. Until further notice cargo shipments originating or transiting through certain Middle Eastern countries and destined for Canada are restricted. CIFFA members should check with their individual air carriers for further information on the restrictions. To our understanding airlines are complying with the new measures.

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