Community Support


As an international organization with global ties, we believe that support abroad is every bit as important as local support. For over five years Colbeck & Clarke Inc. has proudly supported two orphans in the Philippines by providing them with educational supplies and equipment as well as clothing and financial support. These items are essential to ensure they grow and develop into responsible adults with the knowledge and drive required to be successful in all life’s adventures.

We also believe strongly in supporting those who wish to study in the field of international transportation as these students are the future of the Canadian forwarding industry. In order to support this belief, Leslie Colbeck, Director with Colbeck & Clarke Inc., is chairperson for the advisory committee for both the International Customs and Transportation program as well as the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management committee at Seneca College. His years of industry experience and expertise in the logistics field help to ensure that Seneca’s programs remain relevant year after year.

In addition, the company also sponsors two bursaries per year for students demonstrating academic excellence in the International Customs and Transportation and Global Logisitcs and Supply Chain programs. “Maintaining a qualified pool of candidates to support the forwarding industry in the years ahead is crucial in order to ensure continued industry growth” said Leslie Colbeck. “We must do all that we can to provide today’s students with the proper educational resources to succeed well into the future”.

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